IBBA Kenpo Karate is Great for Children!

Lil’ Dragon Class (ages 4 to 5) | Tigers Class (ages 6 to 8)

Our Lil’ Dragons and Tigers classes are specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of our youngest students (ages 4 through 8). In addition to building a solid foundation for martial arts training, these classes are also designed to teach important life skills such as patience, taking turns, self-control, how to make friends, coordination, mental focus, and confidence.

Our classes are safe, fun, and always exciting.

The skills learned in these classes will jump start your child to be better prepared for succeeding in school and in other sports. The kind, encouraging IBBA Karate instructors teach in a patient and structured manner to help your child have a wonderful experience. Over the years, we have developed a variety of methods to capture children's imaginations while teaching them important life skills that will set them on a path to succeed in life.

Our IBBA Karate Program for kids teaches self-discipline.

Our amazing and patient group of instructors loves to work with children. They understand the various challenges kids this age face in trying to focus and their need to become more self-disciplined. Through our IBBA Karate for Kids program, we establish clear rules of proper behavior in class and we encourage the same good behavior at home and in school. At IBBA we have found that delicate balance of fun and clear structure that helps young students to succeed while loving to come to class. Our ultimate aim is to help our students learn not only excellent martial arts skills, but also to set and achieve goals, be well-behaved, and work hard in everything they do.

Find out first hand what makes our Karate Program for younger children the best!

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Learn more about what makes our school so unique.
  • My son was having a hard time focusing in school and at home to the point of getting held back in 2nd grade... they got my son to greatly improve in school and at home, International Black Belt Academy has done miracles for my son and for me.

    Nataleen h.

  • I highly recommend  International Black Belt Academy if you or your child are looking to train. This is the school for you, no matter what age.

    Master Gary Wilson

  • Everyone at IBBA is very positive and welcoming. This school teaches more than just self defense techniques. It's boosted my children's confidence while also teaching self control.

    Will W.

Experience IBBA

With local affiliated schools in Greeley, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Lafayette, Loveland, and Firestone / Carbon valley we have a school near bye to serve you. Our affiliates’ impact extends far beyond Colorado, with affiliated martial arts schools throughout the US, UK and Europe we are proud to be an Internationally accredited school with the United Martial Arts Alliance International. We teach a modern and practical self-defense style known as International Kenpo Karate Jujitsu. This martial art form is based on American Kenpo, combined with Jujitsu, Taekwondo and self-defense systems from the Philippines and Indonesia. This synthesis of practical martial arts known as International Kenpo Karate Jujitsu was developed by our founder Professor Robert Austin.
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