May 25, 2020

Superman: An IBBA Black Belt?!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… It’s… Possibly a hero who has many qualities that would make him a fantastic IBBA Black Belt?!

Yes, I am speaking of the Man of Steel himself, Superman! You may be asking, “What is it, other than physical skills, that would make somebody a great IBBA Black Belt?” Even more so, you are possibly asking, “And why Superman?”

For starters? Consider this… HE IS SUPERMAN! Well, he is Clark Kent. And the amount of self-control Clark Kent has to go through to, not only function in his day to day tasks, but to deal with his everyday frustrations, is on a level so high that it lasts there by itself. Think about that.

As Superman, he is unstoppable. But as Clark Kent? He gets pushed around and bullied.

Of course, he has the ability to literally squash bullies into a pancake-like state and serves them with syrup and a side of hash browns. But Superman is constantly revealing a level of restraint, self-discipline, and self-control that rivals that of an IBBA Black Belt.

Secondly, Superman’s level of integrity is so high for somebody who is unstoppable. With his abilities, he could choose to do anything. Good. Bad. Right. Immoral. And get away with it. He chooses to do good and help the world move forward in a positive and helpful direction.

Say Superman, no! Say Clark kent needed money to pay bills or just to buy a new Lamborghini, he could easily break into a bank vault and clean out the money without anybody knowing and/or being able to do anything about it. But he CHOOSES to live with IBBA Black Belt Integrity and live honestly.

Thirdly, it is the compassion that Superman has that makes him a great hero that leads to him living the definition of a Black Belt attitude. As martial artists, we are taught since day one of our training that the skills may be fun and cool, but that they could be very dangerous and possibly deadly.

Because of this, we are taught that compassion for others, and all of the many other life lessons we learn, are far more important than any punch, kick, throw, or lock that we will learn. And that right there is the classic story of what Superman is all about.

The man who is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, values the safety of the bad guys he is trying to catch, no matter how evil they may be.

When you grow up with the life and ability that Clark Kent was born with, it would be easy to let it go to your head and make choices to do the easy things in life and not necessarily what is right.

It takes self-control. It takes integrity. It takes compassion.

It is also the same exact thing to be an IBBA Black Belt. Those qualities, and so much more, make Superman, no, Clark Kent, a Hero among Heroes. They are also qualities that fit into making somebody stand out as a phenomenal IBBA Black Belt.

Mr. Skipwith

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